About Us

VlogM (VlogMedia) Started In The Heart Of Nashville,Tn.

What Is VlogM?

VlogM is a multi-platform where you can broadcast about anything, anytime, anywhere. This includes telling a story about you, friends, groups, organizations , business and many more. Along with showing talents that's around the world.

Very simple things has talents like for example people, cars, buildings, cameras, phones.

Are you asking how?

Well it's very simple !!!

People can (walk, talk, eat, etc.)

Cars, Trains, Planes (Commutes a lot of objects and people to different locations)

Buildings (Holds very firm and strong for many years but it holds so many people and objects and still stands) hmmm.....

Cameras (This is the first step to see in the lens life of captured moments. To be shared around the world)

Phones (They help us communicate with others around the world with a split of a sec.) hmmm

Now that you get our point ! Go ahead and try "VlogM" and Vlog....